101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius

  • Brad Graham, Kathy McGowan
  • Издательство: McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc
  • ISBN: 0-07-146894-3
  • Год издания: 2006
  • Кол.страниц: 260
  • Язык: английский
  • Формат: DJVU
  • Размер: 23,5 MB
101 шпионское приспособление для "Злого Гения".
"...for the Evil Genius" эта серия книг - аналог тематических сборников "Полезные схемы ", " В помощь радиолюбителю" и т.д.
This book contains complete plans for a wide variety of spy gadgets, ranging from very basic projects to advanced projects that use the cutting edge of technology. Although each plan results in a working project, all of the plans in this book can be modified, mixed or matched to create many additional useful tools that can be used in the covert acquisition of "secret" information. The technology is presented in a way that allows the reader to build the projects using whatever pans are available, and although the plans may call for an exact part number, most of the technology used can be substituted for similar easy-to-find parts. I hope that 101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius will help you expand your knowledge about many different types of technology, and how you can modify these technological principles for your own amusement and enjoyment.

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