Semiconductor Manufacturing Handbook

  • Hwaiyu Geng
  • Издательство: McGraw-Hill Professional
  • ISBN: 0071445595
  • Год издания: 2005
  • Кол.страниц: 800
  • Язык: английский
  • Формат: PDF
  • Размер: 40.69 Mb
Over the past decades, an information world that encompasses computers, the Internet, wireless communication, and global positioning systems has emerged. The center of this information world is enabled by many tiny integrated circuit (IC) chips embedded in the systems. ICs are used in many walks of life—in sectors including consumer products, home appliances, automobiles, information technology (IT), telecom, medical, military and aerospace applications. Continuous research and development coupled with nanotechnology will make ICs smaller and more powerful. In the foreseeable future, the size of a computer will shrink to the size of a fingernail and reach the practical limit of an IC that is smaller, faster, cheaper, and consumes low power. The semiconductor industry can help drive nanotechnology; thus, they are mutually beneficial.

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