Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell

  • A. Zee
  • Издательство: Princeton University Press
  • ISBN: 0691010196
  • Год издания: 2003
  • Кол.страниц: 536
  • Язык: английский
  • Формат: DJVU
  • Размер: 3,9 Мб
Quantum field theory is an extraordinarily beautiful subject, but it can be an intimidating one. The profound and deeply physical concepts it embodies can get lost, to the beginner, amidst its technicalities. In this book, Zee imparts the wisdom of an experienced and remarkably creative practitioner in a user-friendly style.
Table of Contents
Convention, Notation, and Units
Pt. I Motivation and Foundation
Pt. II Dirac and the Spinor
Pt. III Renormalization and Gauge Invariance
Pt. IV Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking
Pt. V Field Theory and Collective Phenomena
Pt. VI Field Theory and Condensed Matter
Pt. VII Grand Unification
Pt. VIII Gravity and Beyond
Closing Words
App. A Gaussian Integration and the Central Identity of Quantum Field Theory
App. B A Brief Review of Group Theory
App. C Feynman Rules
App. D Various Identities and Feynman Integrals
App. E Dotted and Undotted Indices and the Majorana Spinor
Solutions to Selected Exercises
Further Reading

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