• Jun Ye, Steven T.Cundiff
  • Издательство: Springer
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  • Год издания: 2005
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Over the last few years, there has been a convergence between the fields of ultrafast science, nonlinear optics, optical frequency metrology, and precision laser spectroscopy. These fields have been developing largely independently since the birth of the laser, reaching remarkable levels of performance. On the ultrafast frontier, pulses of only a few cycles long have been produced, while in optical spectroscopy, the precision and resolution have reached one part in 10**14.Although these two achievements appear to be completely disconnected, advances in nonlinear optics provided the essential link between them. The resulting convergence has enabled unprecedented advances in the control of the electric field of the pulses produced by femtosecond mode-locked lasers. The corresponding spectrum consists of a comb of sharp spectral lines with well-defined frequencies. These new techniques and capabilities are generally known as “femtosecond comb technology.” They have had dramatic impact on the diverse fields of precision measurement and extreme nonlinear optical physics.
  • Жуковская Е.В.
  • Издательство: ИДДК
  • Год издания: 2009
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Издание представляет собой озвученные уроки для самостоятельного повторения и закрепления основных разделов школьной программы в 11 классе. Материалы диска дают представление о теории относительности, квантовой теории, физике атомного ядра и элементарных частиц.
  • Ib A.Svemdsen
  • Издательство: World Scientific
  • ISBN: 9812562044
  • Год издания: 2006
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The objective of this book is to provide an introduction for graduate students and other newcomers to the field of nearshore hydrodynamics that describes the basics and helps de-mystify some of the many research results only found in journals, reports and conference proceedings. When I decided to write this book I thought this would be a fairly easy task. From many years of teaching and research in the field of nearshore hydrodynamics I had extensive notes about the major topics and I thought it would be a straight forward exercise to expand the notes into a text that would meet that objective.
  • Dennis F.Vanderwerf
  • Издательство: Spie Press
  • ISBN: 081948332X
  • Год издания: 2010
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This text deals primarily with the optics of refracting and reflecting planar surfaces in the form of prismatic refracting and reflecting components, and the design, analysis, and applications of these components. Optical prisms consist of multiple planar surfaces, constructed to a specified geometry and formed from optical glass or plastic. The surfaces may have thin-film coatings that contribute to their functionality. Optical prismatic elements can be classified into two general types: those that are used in imaging systems, such as binoculars or projectors, and those used in nonimaging systems, such as spectrometers, illuminators, and solar concentrators. In addition to well-known prism systems, new applications of prisms are being introduced in the fields of electro-optics, metrology, prismatic films and arrays, projection displays, and others.
  • Чуриловский В.Н.
  • Издательство: Машиностроение
  • Год издания: 1966
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В учебном пособии рассмотрены вопросы геометрической оптики, изложена общая теория оптических приборов. Описано устройство микроскопов и телескопических систем.
  • Weston M.Stacey
  • Издательство: Wiley
  • ISBN: 0471391271
  • Год издания: 2001
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Nuclear reactor physics is the physics of neutron fission chain reacting systems. It encompasses those applications of nuclear physics and radiation transport and interaction with matter that determine the behavior of nuclear reactors. As such, it is both an applied physics discipline and the core discipline of the field of nuclear engineering. As a distinct applied physics discipline, nuclear reactor physics originated in the middle of the twentieth century in the wartime convergence of international physics efforts in the Manhattan Project. It developed vigorously for roughly the next third of the century in various government, industrial, and university R&D and design efforts worldwide. Nuclear reactor physics is now a relatively mature discipline, in that the basic physical principles governing the behavior of nuclear reactors are well understood, most of the basic nuclear data needed for nuclear reactor analysis have been measured and evaluated, and the computational methodology is highly developed and validated.
  • Jacques C.J.Nihoul
  • Издательство: Elsevier
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  • Год издания: 1983
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The study of sea surface temperature (SST) variability in the equatorial oceans is of great value to physical oceanographers and atmospheric scientists alike. Aside from an interest in simply documenting and describing equatorial SST, oceanographers often use SST as a tracer for subsurface dynamical phenomena that are either too difficult or too expensive to observe directly. For example, the accumulation of warm water off the coast of Peru has often been interpreted as evidence for the existence of equatorial Kelvin waves (e.g. McCreary, 1976). Likewise, Moore & e. (1978) have hypothesized that cold SST in the Gulf of Guinea during coastal upwelling season is the result of a coastal Kelvin wave, which through a complex series of events involving equatorial waves, is excited by changing winds in the western equatorial Atlantic. The physical basis for this dynamical influence on SST is that when cold thermocline water is brought closer to (further from) the surface, it is easier (harder) to mix across the base of the mixed layer.
  • Силин А.
  • Издательство: Наука
  • Год издания: 1987
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В популярной форме и со многими историческими примерами рассказано о том, как человек научился преодолевать трение на суше, в воде и в воздухе и умело использовать его в технике. Раскрыта роль учения о трении в становлении важнейших понятий физики. Читатель узнает также много интересного о загадках и секретах трения, часть которых не раскрыта и до сих пор. Для школьников, студентов, преподавателей.
  • Джексон Дж.
  • Издательство: Физматлит
  • Год издания: 1965
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Книга Джексона представляет собой современный курс электродинамики. В ее основу положен курс лекций, которые автор читал в течение многих лет в Иллинойсском университете и университете Мак-Гилла (США).
  • M.O.Deville, P.F.Fischer, E.H.Mund
  • Издательство: Cambridge University Press
  • ISBN: 0521453097
  • Год издания: 2002
  • Кол.страниц: 529
  • Язык: английский
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High-order methods have gained increasing attention in recent years. Their theoretical development has reached a high level of sophistication, and at the same time the range of applications has been broadening, including such diverse topics as global atmospheric modeling, aerodynamics, oceanography, thermal convection, and theoretical chemistry. Specialized conferences on the subject like the International Conference on Spectral Applications and High- Order Methods (ICOSAHOM) have been launched to bring mathematicians, engineers, and computer scientists together in order to stimulate further work in the field and to prospect new areas: high-order time schemes, treatment of singularities, complex geometries, mixed discretization techniques, domain decomposition, and parallelism.
  • Nikolaos A.Kampanis, Vassilios A.Dougalis, John A.Ekaterinaris
  • Издательство: Chapman & Hall/CRC
  • ISBN: 1584885688
  • Год издания: 2008
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Waves are ubiquitous in nature. We are all familiar with water waves, sound waves, electromagnetic and seismic waves. It is fair to say that every area of science and technology has sources of problems involving some type of wave motion. As a result, a large arsenal of analytical techniques has been developed to describe and analyze linear and nonlinear wave phenomena. And, of course, the numerical simulation of wave motion, mainly the numerical solution of the partial differential equations of wave theory, has been at the center of attention of computational scientists since the advent of the modern computer era.
  • Болховитинов Н.Ф.
  • Издательство: Машгиз
  • Год издания: 1952
  • Кол.страниц: 427
  • Язык: русский
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В книге последовательно изложены все вопросы, охватывающие курс металловедения и термической обработки. В первой части излагаются теоретические основы металловедения: кристаллическое строение металлов, теория сплавов, железо-углеродистые сплавы, сталь и чугун, учение о пластической деформации и прочности, а также основы термической и химико-термической обработки. Во второй части подробно описаны конструкционные и инструментальные стали, стали и сплавы с особыми физическими и химическими свойствами, цветные сплавы, сплавы для подшипников и порошковые сплавы. Курс предназначен в качестве учебника для студентов машиностроительных втузов.
  • Дирак П.А.М.
  • Издательство: Мир
  • Год издания: 1971
  • Кол.страниц: 244
  • Язык: русский
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Представленная в книге квантовая теория поля основывается на гамильтоновом формализме. Результаты теории являются следствиями уравнений движения, а сама теория строится, насколько возможно, по законам логики.
  • George L.Heritage, Andrew R.G.Large
  • Издательство: Wiley
  • ISBN: 1405157178
  • Год издания: 2009
  • Кол.страниц: 302
  • Язык: английский
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Since the use of compass and chain field survey, the acquisition of precise terrain information has been instrumental in advancing our knowledge and understanding of the natural and built environment. As time has passed, technological developments have facilitated faster and more effi cient acquisition of ever more accurate field data. Laser ranging has been used extensively since the development of the ruby laser in the 1960s – the same time that the term LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) appeared in the geoscience literature. Over the last decade or so LiDAR mapping has gained acceptance as a rapid, accurate and adaptable method for three-dimensional surveying of the Earth.
  • Мартынов И.М., Хозяинова Э.Н.
  • Издательство: Просвещение
  • Год издания: 1980
  • Кол.страниц: 62
  • Язык: русский
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Дидактический материал содержит тренировочные и контрольные задания, составленные в соответствии с программой и учебником физики для 10 класса.