Volcanic Degassing

  • C.Oppenheimer, D.M.Pyle, J.Barclay
  • Издательство: The Geological Society
  • ISBN: 186239136X
  • Год издания: 2003
  • Кол.страниц: 427
  • Язык: английский
  • Формат: PDF
  • Размер: 41,6 Mb
Think of volcanoes, and you might picture an eruption column jetting from a summit crater, punching through the atmosphere with roiling coils of dark ash. Or perhaps you are of a more tranquil disposition and imagine a peaceful summit crater but brightly stained with orange and yellow minerals deposited from fumarolic clouds hissing through vents and fissures amidst the scree. It goes without saying that gases are behind both these manifestations, providing the violence needed to propel eruption plumes to altitudes of tens of kilometres, or leaking more slowly from unseen magma bodies to fuel hydrothermal systems (Fig. 1). The speciation and exsolution of these volatiles in magmas, the quantification of their emissions into the atmosphere, the application of such measurements for volcano monitoring purposes, and characterization of their impacts on the environment (in its broadest sense) are the subjects of this book.

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