Laboratory techniques in Electroanalytical Chemistry

  • Kissinger P., Heineman W.R. (eds.)
  • Издательство: Marcel Dekker
  • ISBN: 0-8247-9445-1
  • Год издания: 1996
  • Кол.страниц: 952
  • Язык: английский
  • Формат: DJVU
  • Размер: 8,85 Мб
This volume provides a practical, intuitive approach to electroanalytical chemistry, presenting fundamental concepts and experimental techniques without the use of technical jargon or unnecessarily extensive mathematics. This edition offers new material on ways of preparing and using microelectrodes, the processes that govern the voltammetric behavior of microelectrodes, methods for characterizing chemically modified electrodes, electrochemical studies at reduced temperatures, and more. The authors cover such topics as analog instrumentation, overcoming solution resistance with stability and grace in potentiostatic circuits, conductivity and conductometry, electrochemical cells, carbon electrodes, film electrodes, microelectrodes, chemically modified electrodes, mercury electrodes, and solvents and supporting electrolytes.

An Overview
Fundamental Concepts of Analytical Electrochemistry
Large-Amplitude Controlled-Potential Techniques
Large-Amplitude Controlled-Current Techniques
Small-Amplitude Controlled-Potentialm Techniques
Introduction to Analog Instrumentation
Overcoming Solution Resistance with Stability and Grace in Potentiostatic Circuits
Conductivity and Conductometry
Electrochemical Cells
Carbon Electrodes
Film Electrodes
Chemically Modified Electrodes
Mercury Electrodes
Solvents and Supporting Electrolytes
Electrochemical Studies at Reduced Temperature
Electroanalytical Chemistry in Molten Salts
Vacuum-Line techniques
Electrochemistry in the Dry Box
Digital Simulation of Electrochemical problems
Evaluation of Mechanisms of Organic Reactions
Electroorganic Synthesis
Instructional Examples of Electrode Mechanisms of Transition metal Complexes
Electrochemical Preconcentration
Controlled-Current Coulometry
Electrochemistry in Pharmaceutical Analysis
Electrochemical Detection in Liquid Chromatography and Capillary Electrophoresis
Photonic Electrochemistry
Principles and Techniques of Electrochemical-Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Experiments

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