• K.Alex Muller, Tom W.Kool
  • Издательство: World Scientific Publishing Company
  • ISBN: 9814293350
  • Год издания: 2010
  • Кол.страниц: 562
  • Язык: английский
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On the occasion of the 65th birthday of K Alex Muller (KAM), the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory in Ruschlikon, with the help of J. Georg Bednorz, offered a compilation of almost all the publications he had authored or co-authored. Those two volumes encompass the writings until 1992. They are very useful to access KAM's earlier work, with the more than 300 papers arranged in chronological order. When KAM turned seventy, Prof. KK Phua, chairman of World Scientific, suggested to collect relevant original work in a volume to be published by this well-established house. After some reflection, Muller thought this might be a reasonable undertaking, and selected, from the then more than 400 original publications, those he considered the relevant ones.
  • Тагер А.А.
  • Издательство: Уральский университет
  • ISBN: 5-7525-0201-2
  • Год издания: 1993
  • Кол.страниц: 312
  • Язык: русский
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Изложены основные вопросы, касающиеся жидких растворов неэлектролитов. Рассмотрены термодинамика растворов, виды взаимодействий между компонентами, кинетические свойства и структура жидкостей и растворов, теории растворов в их исторической последовательности, механизмы фазового разделения. Большое внимание уделено растворам простейших веществ, ароматических соединений, водным растворам и растворам высокомолекулярных соединений.
  • Веннер Р.
  • Издательство: Иностранная литература
  • Год издания: 1950
  • Кол.страниц: 363
  • Язык: русский
  • Формат: DJVU
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В настоящее время термодинамические методы находят широкое применение в самых различных областях химии и химической технологии. Как исследователи, работающие в лабораториях, так и инженеры-химики, в первую очередь инженеры-проектировщики, постоянно сталкиваются с необходимостью термодинамического рассмотрения различных вопросов.
  • Ann-Charlotte Eliasson
  • Издательство: Woodhead Publishing/CRC Press
  • ISBN: 185573723X
  • Год издания: 2004
  • Кол.страниц: 597
  • Язык: английский
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Since the reactions leading to glycogen synthesis in the cyanobacteria are similar to those observed in the higher plants there will be some referral to studies in those organisms particularly in regulation of cyanobacterial 1,4-glucan synthesis. The enzymology and biochemistry of the various enzymes in the plant, algal and cyanobacterial systems will also be described. In view of the existing information available on the properties of the starch biosynthetic enzymes and the effects of certain mutants on starch structure a pathway of starch synthesis is described which postulates specific functions for the starch synthases and branching enzymes.
  • C.Oppenheimer, D.M.Pyle, J.Barclay
  • Издательство: The Geological Society
  • ISBN: 186239136X
  • Год издания: 2003
  • Кол.страниц: 427
  • Язык: английский
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Think of volcanoes, and you might picture an eruption column jetting from a summit crater, punching through the atmosphere with roiling coils of dark ash. Or perhaps you are of a more tranquil disposition and imagine a peaceful summit crater but brightly stained with orange and yellow minerals deposited from fumarolic clouds hissing through vents and fissures amidst the scree. It goes without saying that gases are behind both these manifestations, providing the violence needed to propel eruption plumes to altitudes of tens of kilometres, or leaking more slowly from unseen magma bodies to fuel hydrothermal systems (Fig. 1). The speciation and exsolution of these volatiles in magmas, the quantification of their emissions into the atmosphere, the application of such measurements for volcano monitoring purposes, and characterization of their impacts on the environment (in its broadest sense) are the subjects of this book.
  • Станцо В.В., Черненко М.Б.
  • Издательство: М.: Наука
  • Год издания: 1983
  • Кол.страниц: 576+573
  • Язык: русский
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В первую книгу вошли материалы о 46 первых, по порядку атомных номеров, элементах, во вторую - обо всех остальных.
  • Жаботинский А.М., Филд Р., Огмер Х.
  • Издательство: Мир
  • Год издания: 1988
  • Кол.страниц: 720
  • Язык: русский
  • Формат: DJVU
  • Размер: 9 Мб
Коллективная монография, написанная учеными из Англии, Венгрии, СССР, США и Франции, посвящена одной из наиболее важных ветвей бурно развивающейся области современной науки, получившей название "синергетика". В ней рассмотрены экспериментальные исследования сложных пространственно-временных режимов, современные представления о механизмах явлений, происходящих в различных колебательных и автоволновых системах, вопросы математического моделирования, методы оценок существенных параметров, вопросы теории сложных динамических систем.
  • T.R.Crompton
  • Издательство: iSmithers Rapra Publishing
  • ISBN: 1847350550
  • Год издания: 2007
  • Кол.страниц: 324
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Plastics are now being used on a large scale for the packaging of fatty and aqueous foodstuffs and beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. This is evident for all to see on the supermarket shelves, margarine is packed in polystyrene tubs, beer is packed in PVC bottles and meats and bacon in shrink-wrap film. Foods are also increasingly being shipped in bulk, in plastic containers. Additionally, there is the area of use of plastics utensils, containers and processing equipment in the home and during bulk preparation of food in producing factories, at home and in restaurants and canteens. Thus it is likely that some transfer of polymer additives will occur - adventitious impurities such as monomers, oligomers, catalyst remnants and residual polymerisation solvents and low molecular weight polymer fractions - from the plastic into the packaged material with the consequent risk of a toxic hazard to the consumer. The actual hazard arising to the consumer from any extractable material is a function of two properties, namely, the intrinsic toxicity of the extracted material as evaluated in animal feeding trials (not dealt with in this book) and the amount of material extracted from the polymer which enters the packed commodity under service conditions, i.e., during packaging operations and during the shelf life of the packaged commodity at the time of the consumption. This book covers all aspects of the migration of additives into food and gives detailed information on the analytical determination of the additives in various plastics. It will be of interest to those engaged in the implementation of packaging legislation, including management, analytical chemists and the manufacturers of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and also scientific and toxicologists in the packaging industry.
  • Tristram Chivers
  • Издательство: World Scientific
  • ISBN: 9812560955
  • Год издания: 2005
  • Кол.страниц: 318
  • Язык: английский
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Chalcogen-nitrogen chemistry involves the study of compounds that exhibit a linkage between nitrogen and sulfur, selenium or tellurium atoms. Such studies have both fundamental and practical importance. A Guide to Chalcogen-Nitrogen Chemistry examines the role of chalcogen-nitrogen compounds in areas ranging from solid-state inorganic chemistry to biochemistry. The discussion covers fundamental questions concerning the bonding in electron-rich systems, as well as potential practical applications of polymers and materials with novel magnetic or electrical properties. This book is the only account of this important topic to appear in the last twenty-five years, and coupled with its extensive literature coverage of very recent developments, this comprehensive guide is essential for anyone working in the field. The treatment is unique in providing a comparison of sulfur, selenium and tellurium systems, with an approach intended to emphasize general concepts that will be helpful to the non-specialist. Each chapter is designed to be self-contained, and there are extensive cross-references between chapters.
  • Креман Р., Пестемер М.
  • Издательство: Редакция химической литературы
  • Год издания: 1939
  • Кол.страниц: 216
  • Язык: русский
  • Формат: DJVU
  • Размер: 10 Мб
Книга представляет собой курс лекций, читанных проф. Р. Креманом. В ней рассматриваются физические свойства, которые можно использовать для исследования строения органических соединений.
  • Паулинг Л.
  • Издательство: Химическая литература
  • Год издания: 1947
  • Кол.страниц: 438
  • Язык: русский
  • Формат: DJVU
  • Размер: 11.6 Мб
Книга является научной монографией, в которой изложена современная теория химической связи, а также приведены физические методы исследования строения молекул и кристаллов.
Книга предназначена для научных работников химиков и физиков, работающих в области строения вещества, а также для студентов старших курсов вузов.
  • Gerald Litwack
  • Издательство: Academic Press
  • ISBN: 0127098755
  • Год издания: 2007
  • Кол.страниц: 432
  • Язык: английский
  • Формат: PDF
  • Размер: 5,4 Mb
First published in 1943, Vitamins and Hormones is the longest-running serial published by Academic Press. In the early days of the serial, the subjects of vitamins and hormones were quite distinct. The Editorial Board now reflects expertise in the field of hormone action, vitamin action, X-ray crystal structure, physiology, and enzyme mechanisms. Under the capable and qualified editorial leadership of Dr. Gerald Litwack, Vitamins and Hormones continues to publish cutting-edge reviews of interest to endocrinologists, biochemists, nutritionists, pharmacologists, cell biologists, and molecular biologists. Others interested in the structure and function of biologically active molecules like hormones and vitamins will, as always, turn to this series for comprehensive reviews by leading contributors to this and related disciplines.
  • Bernhard Krautler, Duilio Arigoni, Bernard T.Golding
  • Издательство: Wiley-VCH
  • ISBN: 3527294805
  • Год издания: 1998
  • Кол.страниц: 539
  • Язык: английский
  • Формат: PDF
  • Размер: 22,26 Mb
In an article written in the seventies, the decade of the previous B12 symposium, I was refemng metaphorically to the endeavour of a chemical synthesis of vitamin B12 as an attempt to "connect X-ray island with the mainland of chemical experience". Marching step by step towards this molecular structure by chemical synthesis was meant to provide us with all that knowledge of chemical properties of the complex molecule, the X-ray structure determination of which had withheld from us. Of course, achieving a chemical synthesis of this vitamin was never expected to open a chemical route for B12 production - it was the extension of the frontiers of natural product synthesis of that time that was at stake. It is true, however, that any new molecular territory discovered by the recognition of important practical consequences of its function and then chartered structurally by physical methods for further study, constitutes a challenge to the mind of the scientist the conqueror, the homo faber, the one who is archetypically driven to put his foot on any important newly discovered molecular temtory by occupying it, that is, by making it in order to possess and explore it. This is the drive that reflects itself in the physicist's Richard Feynman dictum "What I cannot create, I do not understand" and, moreover, it is that human compulsion that lies at the heart of the inextricable interrelation between science and technology.
  • Smith A., et al.
  • Издательство: Oxford University Press
  • ISBN: 0-19-850673-2
  • Год издания: 2000
  • Кол.страниц: 757
  • Язык: английский
  • Формат: PDF
  • Размер: 94,11 Мб
With over 17,000 endnotes, this reference work is a major source of information for all professionals, scholars, and students of biochemistry and molecular biology. It describes essential features of approximately 2000 enzymes and proteins, and 950 chemical structures are covered as well. It is fully updated and revised, making it ideal for all academics and professionals who have anything to do with the biomedical sciences.
  • Рао Ч.Н.Р., Гопалакришнан Дж.
  • Издательство: Наука
  • ISBN: 5-02-029203-6
  • Год издания: 1990
  • Кол.страниц: 520
  • Язык: русский
  • Формат: DJVU
  • Размер: 11.6 Мб
Монография посвящена актуальным проблемам современной химии твердого тела - новым аспектам строения твердых веществ различного типа, наиболее распространенным методам их идентификации и характеризации, синтеза и взаимосвязи между строением и свойствами, фазовым переходам и реакционной способности, роли дефектов и нестехиометрии.